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Expanding CREATE's PSR Toolkit!

This week the CREATE team from Canada ran a two-day PSR Toolkit training session for healthcare providers at Mathari hospital in Nairobi. The training involved six staff from the hospital. The topics covered included: an overview of recovery, a brief refresher on psychoeducation, some tips for helping participants to become facilitators and assisting them in identifying how to help peers become involved as co-facilitators.

One of the most valuable aspects of the training was when a Point Tech Solutions employee who has lived experience of mental illness agreed to share her story and expertise.

By the morning of the second day, the staff were taking turns practising facilitating sections of the Toolkit, which is as much of a credit to their natural talents and abilities as it is to the training. After a strong afternoon of brainstorming potential next steps and ways forward, it was time to conclude the training. 

We’re grateful to everyone who participated for their time and eagerly look forward to seeing what they will achieve going forward! 

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